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how Koonyai started

There is one person who is most influential in my life: koonyai. Koonyai means grandmother in Thai. This uneducated single-mother raised her entire family on her own, took care of her alcoholic husband, while running a business to support her family. I was fortunate to be her grandchild and to witness a real life example of what working hard was all about. My koonyai's life was a struggle, yet, she managed to make sure everyone else have enough. Because of her and all those before me, I was able to follow the American Dream and start something of my own: Koonyai Studio.

about the design

Koonyai Studio designs and hand crafts minimal intentional jewelry inspired by architecture with a focus on social and environmental sustainability. The design is first created from the depths of my mind, sketched out, prototyped, modified into the final design, and then all of the stock is created by hand. We use many of our design skills and inspiration from our training as architects. Koonyai Studio incorporates sustainability into many parts of our process through packaging and materials that are recyclable and all made in the USA.  Koonyai Studio wishes to create slow fashion jewelry, that is affordable and sustainable through its longevity. By designing and making a product that is affordable, and made with quality materials, we hope to bring confidence and freedom of self-expression to our customers. We use hypoallergenic metals and quality concrete. Using these materials, we create a product that is healthy and safe for your body. 

Koonyai takes great pride in its products knowing that they are made from original designs, with quality materials, and at a price point that is affordable for the general population allowing everyone the opportunity to wear something that they love and feel confident while wearing.

quality products, made affordable

Koonyai Studio uses high quality materials such as a special mix of concrete and hypoallergenic metals to bring comfort and style to your body. Our products go through rigorous quality assessment so we can bring you something beautiful that will last. Everything we make is completely by hand, each piece receiving individual care and attention to detail.

how it's made

Each piece is hand-sanded and finished with additional waterproof sealer. We apply epoxy pigment for a minimal and contemporary look. Each piece of concrete is truly unique.We also love the contrast between rough concrete and polished metallic finish. They are perfect as gender-neutral gifts and lovely for all ages. Our waterproof concrete is handmade in small batches and reinforced with steel for extra strength. Each piece of concrete is truly unique with its own unpredictable pattern and bubbles. All of the metal designs are shaped and formed by hand, one at a time. These are beautifully simple, minimal, modern, sleek, and classic earrings for everyday wear.

about the owner, Beau

During the day, I am an Adjunct Professor and a Lead Designer at a fearless non-profit organization in Minneapolis, MN. At night, my studio lights are on and I can be found making things. Aside from teaching and making jewelry, I spend at least one day of every week with experimentation on designs and technique to ensure the best products for you.

sustainability & social impact

Following my koonyai's footsteps, the impact on others comes first.
All of Koonyai's materials, parts, and packaging are sourced and made in the U.S.A. to bring the jobs back to local community--only using responsibly sourced materials. It's a win-win situation!